Book Review: Beyond the Pale

Beyond the Pale: The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Author: Ken Grossman

Rating 8/10

TBeyond the Palehis book takes the reader along the road to the founding of Sierra Nevada Brewery. It follows the tale of Ken Grossman, founder of the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Starting from humble origins as a home brewer, he eventually became a home-brew shop owner, and finally became a professional brewer. Ken’s journey took him on a winding path, showing us that a great brewer can come from any background.

The book also goes into the birth of the craft beer industry. Sierra Nevada was one of the founding breweries that sparked the craft beer movement. We are also given Ken’s memories of other notable breweries including Anchor and the now closed New Albion Brewery. The book does an excellent job showing the struggle these pioneer brewers went through to build up beer in this country.

I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys Sierra Nevada and appreciates a bit of history. The book really shines in its overview of the founding of craft beer in this country through the eyes of Ken and his brewery. One definite downside to this book is that it starts to lose focus towards the end. It goes from a cohesive story to Ken discussing various aspects of his brewery and business practices in general. Unfortunately this takes away from the overall appeal of this book.

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