Bottle Cap Magnets

Keezer with MagnetsNeed a little flare for your keezer? Refrigerator looking a bit plane? Drunk, Bored, and need something to do with all of the bottle caps you just liberated from that delicious beer? If so, these Bottle Cap Magnets are a really fun project that is easy to do and a great/cheap/reversible way to decorate any magnetic surface. I think that each of these little beauties took about 1 minute and they are almost instantly ready to put on your fridge. One quick tip is to place a quarter on top of your cap while prying it open. This will give you a perfectly flat faced cap and it will look practically brand new.. You will probably be fine opening it the normal way, but why not take an extra minute and make your project look even better.


  • Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun: $0.05 Per Squeeze
  • 1/2 inch Round Magnets: $0.20 Each
  • Bottle Caps: Free or $1.50 if you think of your beer as free, totally your choice
  • Total Cost: $0.25 Each

Process: Simply put a drip of hot glue on the back of the bottle cap, add magnet, put on metallic surface of your choice.

Cap & Magnet        Cap + Magnet

Credit goes to Vernon Wells for this Idea

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