Love Potion Number 9

(Apple Chamomile Honey Weizen)

This beer was a fun project. I love a good cider but wanted more of a “beer” flavor profile added to it. It proved to be a really nice combination. I also added chamomile since many have described the flavor as “apple blossoms”, and I am a fan of chamomile tea. The final result is a beer that is a solid drinker, refreshing, with a bit of an apple twist that makes it the perfect beer for the beginning of spring.


  • 4 Lb American Pilsner
  • 4 Lb American Wheat Malt
  • 1 Lb Flaked Red Wheat
  • 3/4 Lb Honey (Added at beginning of boil)
  • 1 Gallon of Apple Juice (3 Lb Rome, 3 Lb Empire, 3 Lb Golden Delicious, 3 Lb Stayman)~ This was added at the beginning of the boil
  • 1 oz Willamette (USA) (60 Min)
  • Irish Moss (15 Min)
  • 10 g Chamomile (5 Min)

Yest: Wyeast 3333 (German Wheat)



  • If/When I make this beer again, I will add the Apple Juice closer to flame out. Hopefully this will preserve more of the apple character in the beer. It is present currently but very faint.

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